To rethink land, we look well beyond just the visual aesthetics of a final product.
Our solutions are formed by looking at the problem through a variety of different lenses—geographical/cultural context, functionality, longevity, and client needs.


Geographical & Cultural Context

The Alabama landscape is a rich canvas full of all sorts of land forms, plant species and wildlife. Over the years, we have begun to lose some of that unique flavor. Cookie-cutter approaches to design and imported materials have replaced our native identity, with something that looks…well, like it could be found anywhere in the country. Our approach is to embrace the natural character of the land to both preserve and enhance the places in which we live.



While we usually think of landscape architecture as a form of art and beautification, it is often overlooked as a problem-solving discipline. Some of the most artistic garden designs can sometimes lack functionality that its users require. Through a systematic approach of analysis, programming and design, we can offer solutions to deal with a wide range of land issues. Ultimately, these solutions equate to better, more functional places for its users. We want our designs to be more than just a pretty snapshot.



Because land and plants are constantly transforming, every good design should take future implications in to the planning process. Our knowledge of land, construction, and management practices helps us make considerations that will insure the longevity of your improvements.
We want our solutions to be as effective in year ten as they are in in year one.


Client Needs

Ultimately, every land improvement is a reflection of the client. The design process starts with a relationship. Through careful listening and questions we will determine expectations, styles, and budgets. We want to know our client well.