Breaking Ground

A little over a year ago, my wife and I moved into our first house and began the long journey of home ownership. It was the perfect size, in the perfect neighborhood, and had more land than I had ever owned before---a whopping half-acre! The previous owner had kept the inside in decent shape, but the yard and property were in desperate need of help. I couldn’t wait to start making improvements and turning over soil. The entire back property line was nothing but a thicket of Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) mixed with a few other plant species. While it was a nice privacy screen, it didn’t have many other benefits. Shortly after moving into the home, the power company came through and took most of the privet down to the ground. It took several weeks, but eventually I finished what they started and removed all the privet and other invasive plant species from the area. A portion of this area was to be dedicated to growing vegetables and other edibles. This first growing season was big hit, and I was able to grow a successful crop of corn, beans, squash, and other tasty table fare. I selected other portions of the yard to be revegetated, using only plants native to the Southeast. Not only would this provide an attractive garden for my wife and I, but also create a useful habitat for all the wildlife species that call Birmingham home. The chance to turn over old ground or restore land is something that I absolutely love doing!


This year we area breaking ground again. Over the past twelve months, we have been brainstorming and planning, and are now proud to launch Cahaba Design Studio.  This landscape architecture studio, while a relatively new concept for our company, has been rooted and growing for many years. Land, plants, and wildlife have been a passion of mine since childhood and I am excited to have this new platform to better serve our community. With this design-focused studio, our goal is to provide exceptional landscape architecture, land planning and ecological solutions to a wide range of clients.


In addition to design services and consulting, I also wanted a place to share, educate, and learn with people in our community. For this reason, we have added the “Journal” section of our website. Landscape architecture incorporates a lot of different subjects and disciplines. If you mix in a passion for wildlife and conservation, you’ve got quite a bit of ground to cover through a weekly post. This journal is a feeble attempt to do just that. In the process, we’ll strive to connect the dots between people, plants, wildlife, and land. Hopefully you will find some of these posts to be informative, helpful, and maybe even entertaining!


Here’s to a new year of breaking ground and growing good things! 

Cahaba Design Studio is a landscape architecture studio located in Birmingham, Alabama that provides landscape design, land planning, and ecological design. As a division of Richter Landscape Company, the design studio is experienced in native plants, gardens, arboriculture, land preservation, and wildlife habitat design.